17 things I saw/learned of Uganda

While I was in Uganda I wrote a few things in my travel notebook… I wrote more on my cellphone so after I could post it here, in my blog. But, what I did write were the things that I was seeing that I knew later on those would be the things that I was going to remember the most about the country. These are my seventeen things that I saw and learned of Uganda:

  1. If you are a woman, you will have several marriage proposals.
  2. It can be raining and the sky can be spiting the hell on you but nothing -I repeat, NOTHING- can stop a boda.
  3. The chapati can become a Tortilla, a hot cake, a Crepe…
  4. Mzungu is your second name.
  5. With the experience you will learn to walk in the dark.
  6. In a conversation someone will always say “I’m on doxy” or something like that. (Doxy is a treatment against malaria).
  7. The locals always want to know how are you. (Oliotya).
  8.  The word rolex has another meaning, (Cheap food made with eggs and chapati).
  9. You will get ripped off at least once just because you are a Mzungu.
  10. You will get a local to smile if you speak their language.
  11. There is always a place for someone in the Matatu.
  12. You will master the technique of “squat pees” .
  13. There is an special odor: it is sweat and it ain’t nice.
  14. If you survived a boda in a dirt road, you are ready for motocross.
  15. They will always ask your marital status.
  16. You can start to speak with noises like: “Aaah” “Eeeh!”.
  17. To dance like an Ugandan you have to let go in the music and be free. (An Ugandan told me that after I asked him to teach me to dance like him).

Boda boda

Boda boda





… And you will love the experience.


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