I won a free ticket to South America, so I went to Argentina

Last year I went to Peru, I haven’t write much about it but I will… soon. Anyway, I went there and the airline Aeroméxico over sell the tickets so my sister, a friend and I volunteered and they were going to give us a free night at the hotel, free breakfast, lunch and dinner and a free ticket to any place in South America if we stayed the night in the airport and leave the next day. Of course we said yes. We missed one day in Lima but in return we got to visit another country, which sounds like a great deal to me!

So, I convinced my parents and the family of four recently went to Argentina. My parents love to travel too, they taught me how to do it; when I was growing up we always went to USA or here in Mexico in the summer vacation and we rented a car and travel to many cities, we did Europe the same way, so it was time to travel with them again. It is really different to travel solo or with friends than to travel with your folks but it was cool and we didn’t spend in hotels either. My father has this awesome deal with Royal hotels (time shared), it is pretty handy actually; when we all travel we used it and if we don’t travel then we sell it. SO next posts will be about the awesomeness of Argentina.


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