Walking in Buenos Aires…

The weekend we were in Buenos Aires the city was really calm, the traffic was smooth and the streets were free of agglomerations of people trying to pass before you. It was a holiday weekend in Argentina, so the “Porteños” (how the people who live in Buenos Aires are called) escaped to the beach, far away from the capital. Saturday, sunday and monday of tranquility. We went to Casa Rosada, a pink building that is in Plaza de Mayo. It is where the government issues are held, it also has so much history and beauty, it keeps portraits, objects, and certainly also secrets- of the presidents from that country. There is an entire room dedicated to Evita Peron.

Salón Eva Perón en casa rosada.

When we finished the tour (which is free) we went to Puerto Madero and we got into a boat to look at the details, but it did not take long because we were hungry and we wanted to eat something light to continue. A pancho (hot dog) was ideal, but we couldn’t find one close and ended up eating at a restaurant with beer at 2×1.

Puerto Madero

After this, we continued walking and we arrived to San Telmo, the friendliest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, it has an air of vintage-indie that has become very popular these days. At the square of the district there are people selling books, postcards and “jewelry” at the corners. The tables are in the center and there is room for a couple dancing tango. Welcome to Buenos Aires, the plaza whispers.

Tango en San Telmo

Yes, San Telmo is the area of the artists, people dancing tango and people who sing to love. There were persons hanging out with a Quilmes (or the beer of their choice) in hand and watching others pass. We got to see four guys doing a musical performance, calling themselves “El cuarteto del amor”, in english is The quarter of love. They played and sang very well and gave a very entertaining show, everybody surrounded them with drool in their face. I took pictures and videos because I really liked them.


El cuarteto del amor

After this we went to the Russian Orthodox Church that is nearby, they don’t let you to take pictures and if women wear pants you get a fabric so you can wear and it seems that you are wearing an skirt. The church was very dark and small but it had very interesting details. And finally in San Telmo, we walked to the bench where a very wise little girl is sitting; Mafalda. Apparently that site is very famous, we took photos and we retired to the hotel in a taxi. The day was over for us.

⬆(This picture of Mafalda I took it from MiamiHerald⬆


That day we spent all morning and part of the afternoon comparing prices for a tango show and also informing us how to go from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. We bought tickets for the Piazzolla tango show that same night and in two days we would take the night bus to Bariloche. After all those had been made, we went to the subway station “Constitution” to get close to “La Boca” a known neighborhood where everybody said to us to be careful with our belongings because it is not a safety zone and tuourist get to get stolen. Nothing happened.

La Boca

We bought souvenirs (the best place to buy them) and walked the famous “Caminito” with its colorful buildings. We continue our journey to reach the place where Maradona once played, La Bombonera.

El caminito

La bombonera

We went to Piazzolla, had dinner there and met an Argentina who resides in Los Angeles. She told me that the Tango was once frowned upon and only people from the “low” neighborhoods danced it, but that gradually went deeper to all the Argentina culture. The show was really nice, the music and dancing were so good and we left there with a good taste. I enjoyed it, tango has a lot of passion.



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