Bariloche, Argentina (Part 1)

It took 22 hours bus ride from Buenos Aires to get to Bariloche. We took the bus -of course- because it was cheaper (which I still thought it was expensive; Argentina is somewhat expensive). We arrived and took a taxi to the hotel, which only then we realized that there was quite far from the city center and maybe we had to end up renting a small vehicle that would allow us to move freely. That day we arrived in the afternoon and as we arrived we managed to see each other with some family friends. They are Argentines and they used to be our neighbors in Villahermosa, now we were going to see them in Bariloche. It is a young couple with a beautiful child, they are super friendly and they helped us with everything. We were taken to dinner at a popular restaurant in the city, the Weiss restaurant with typical food of the region and Argentina . I ate goulash to remember my times in Czech Republic. Suddenly two dancers came out and started dancing tango. We watched them while we ate, the dancers started to invite some guests to dance with them, he came next to me and asked me so I stand up and went to the dance floor. My face was red but I danced to the rhythm of tango. Well, I tried to dance… The next day we went to cerro Otto, we climbed by cable car and even there the view was beautiful. It has a viewpoint and you can walk a little, down hill, up and delight yourself with the view. It is worth going because being there, with the wind hitting your face and your hair moving, you will feel cold but you will also feel peace. The beauty in front of you calls you. Mountains, lakes and clouds across the width of your eyes and for a moment you don’t want to go down. 

Vista desde el cerro Otto

We took a hot chocolate at the coffee shop that is on the top of the hill, you can get dizzy at first but after a bit you get used to it. We then decided to go into town and eat there, at a restaurant called “Friends”, it is decorated with many things hanging from the ceiling and the food is delicious. That day I ordered a tempting dessert, it is a shot of sugar that I could not fail to overlook, the Rogel dessert (also known by “mil hojas”). The typical Argentine dessert I enjoyed the most. In the afternoon we were at the hotel, chatting, drinking mate and beer.

Postre argentino; Rogel o mil hojas.

The next day we said goodbye to our friends with a see you later and we dedicate the day to visit the town of Bariloche. We walked through its touristic streets, visit the civic center and the cathedral. We went to a restaurant to drink coffee and eat an apple strudel, the diet stayed in Mexico.

Vista desde el centro cívico

The wonderful thing about Argentina is that is a country of immigrants and has lots of variety in food and it is delicious because those are original recipes from these countries. So it’s not unusual to walk into a restaurant and order a pizza as good as in Italy because they are Italians sons, or as a guide once said “My grandfather told me: you are an Italian born in Argentina.” Also -something I did not know much- they sell a lot of chocolate in Bariloche, in all the corners you will find shops with quality chocolate that will make your jaw hits the ground after seeing all that sin together.

Mamuschka, Chocolate de Bariloche

We rented a car that day so we could go and move with liberty. 


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