I am looking at myself and I don’t like what I see. I don’t understand how people can love somebody so broken. All my thoughts are somewhere else and I am being so selfish, like I always am, even when it seems I am not, I am. In my brown eyes there is no sight, they are hollow and sad. My skin is becoming dark because of the sun and I don’t like that either, we live in a white world, sadly. I have realize that the most interesting people is the one with a bit of mix in them. White is boring. White is nothing. I lived in a circle of blindness. Here people don’t see. They can but they don’t want to. They prefer to close their eyes and live like that, freely. How can they? Mexico is not what it was. Mexico is being cut in slices, I say slices because that is what they do with the bodies now. There is no heart inside them. Now I am not being selfish, I am afraid. It sucks to be alert all the time, to be scared when you are driving in the night. The moon can’t save you now.


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