Oasis, sea and sandboard in Peru.

Our days in Peru were organized by Diosy (my sister) and Aldo, I just read them and nod. It ended up being; two days in Lima, then Ica to go sandboarding and after it we would head to Cuzco, Machu Picchu and they would continue to Puno and Bolivia (for the lack of money I had to return to Mexico, Diosy actually helped me a lot with meals and hostels). Anyway, our independent tour in Peru, could not have been better. I think that they investigated all the good places and we went, we see and do many things in those twelve days. We got to Lima, and then it was the turn of Ica.

Aldo, Diosy and I arrived at our hostel in Huacachina late in the night, so that day and we just slept. In the hostel you could hear more people talking Arabic Spanish . Or at least , it sounded Arab to me. Anyway… we got up at six in the morning to take the van that would take us to the “mini Galapagos island” called Ballestas Islands. It was an hour and a half away and we arrived at this small touristic town that smell of sea. We went straight to the boat and we had to wait another half hour in motion to see the Ballestas Islands. When we arrived we saw some rocks in the sea covered with “guano” (bird poop) and thousands of seagulls flying above them. We also saw penguins diving into the water and walked among the rough rocks in a funny way, then we saw the sea lions, which mostly, were thrown at a rock and sunbathing. We circled the island and left. It was a good place to visit but I did wasn’t awesome.

Pingüinos en Islas Ballestas

Leones marinos en Islas Ballestas

Diosy, Aldo y yo en Paracas

We arrived at Huacachina at lunch time and decided to go to eat watching the oasis and a clown giving an act. At four we should be ready to take the buggy and sandboarding in the Peruvian dunes. And that ending, we would run as fast as we could to catch the bus to Cuzco. We still got some time, so during the meal, we decided to enjoy. We ordered Peruvian food and Inca Cola. Then we walked around and chatted with a souvenir salesman that told us that the Incas and Mayans had ties and that they used to communicate through aliens, who helped them build the two civilizations their respective cities. I do not know, but it was fun to talk to.

Oasis en Huacachina

And it was four o’clock, time to get on a buggy and drive into the desert where the sun touched mountains of sand. Our group was eight people, mostly women. In my mind what would happen is that we were going to go peacefully to a Dune and they would teach us to throw ourselves from it and perhaps we would repeat this process about three times and voila, that would be it. But, I think the best part was just when we rode the damn buggy. It was like being at an amusement park. The driver was speeding, almost flying, and we watched as we climbed a dune and quickly went down almost in a total vertical and you could feel the wind in your face and the stomach in your throat. The driver laughed at us because we were a bunch of screams and giggles. The buggy was not what I expected, it exceeded my expectations and we had not even done the sandboarding.

El equipo completo con el buggy

We spent some time on that roller coaster sand and then stopped at a small dune. The driver/instructor taught us about sandboarding. There were two ways to descend, either laying facing down or standing, we tried both ways. We fell, we laughed and we went back up. That was the heaviest part, to climb the hill and then go down again, my physical condition was tested. Our training sandboarding lasted around fifteen/twenty minutes after we got back into the buggy, it began to walk, we shouted a bit and we arrived to another slightly larger dune. Now, we would descend just once and the buggy was going to pick us down hill. We all dove lying facing down. And finally, we went to another dune, which actually were two, we should throw ourselves in the first one, walk/climb a little higher and throw us on the other. The last dune was a beast. The largest we had. A group of twenty French overtook us and began to throw themselves laying down. We follow them . It was sunset, that time when everything looks clearer, and there we were, a group of thirty people sliding down the sand. I got to the last dune and waited for everyone to go down, I wanted to see if anyone dared to do it standing up. I did not have the guts but I did not want to waste my last dune. No one did, so I thought “Ok , I’ll try it, if I fall I get up and I’ll just do it lying down.” I took the table and I went away as I should. You must bend down and put a balance to your body, I got down to the end, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. “Look , there goes the girl who dared” I want to think that someone said that in their head. I had an adrenaline rush that lasted a significant time. I did pretty well until I got to the end where there was a small mound of sand and I completely destabilized. I fell in a brutal and humorous way and my moment of glory was extinguished. But boy, It did felt good (except for the coup).

Dunas en Ica

We arrived at the hostel quickly as a blue streak to take our clothes and take a shower and take off those kilos of sand and be ready to go to the bus station. I left my sneakers there, they ended all torn and dirty. I also left the U.S. shirt my uncle gave me when I was about ten years old. Like the sneakers, I took them to leave them. Already clean and ready we took a motorcycle taxi to the central bus. Where the taxi driver told us that he would take pictures of us and we almost made a shoot of ourselves telling us where and how to pose … “You ( Aldo ), stand here, as if you were driving it, you two, the sisters, one on one side and the other on the other, go ahead, yes, good” he told us. When we finished with the photos, we set off. While driving he told us a lot of the tourism in Huacachina. We commented that we were impressed with the number of Israelites who were in Peru, he said yes, many people who came are from Israel but sometimes they could be a little aggressive (party mood) and that’s why many restaurants had signs forbidding entry.

Sesión de fotos por el moto-taxista

Sesión de fotos por el moto-taxista 2

We arrived to the small bus station, we said goodbye to the taxi driver and we had a 16 hours bus drive ahead of us. Cusco was waiting for us.


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