Arriving to Cusco.

I was practically praying to arrived to Cusco so I could use a static bathroom with privacy. And after 16 hours in the Peruvian road we finally reached the city that bring us a little closer to Machu Picchu; we arrived to Cusco. The first thing we did was to take a taxi to the hostel, but when we told the driver we were going to take the train the next day, he told us to that we had to change the ticket in the PERURAIL office, so he gladly took us to do all this, without telling us that he would rise to almost triple the price for this “detour.” When we got close to the hostel and he charged that amount, I told him -respectfully- that he should have warned us before and that what he was doing was an abuse . He was silent, and Aldo and Diosy too because I usually don’t get upset. But that’s something I find completely hateful; people taking advantage of travelers.

Finally, we come to “Bright hostel” and a gentleman attended us and he was very cool. He gave us a room for the three of us, instead of the dorms we had booked for the same price. Which we found awesome. We liked the hostel, it was good, clean and very cheap. So we booked more nights for when we had to returned to Cusco after our two days in Aguascalientes. Anyway, we took a shower, got ready and we went to walk the streets of Cusco with a mission: eat Cuy peruano (Guinea Pig).

Cuy peruano

We found a restaurant that was not too expensive (although it was still expensive) and it gave us a free pisco sour. “Free?” we said and we walked there. The guy that assist us let us take pictures in the oven while cooking the poor animal. And all this so we didn’t even liked it. It is not horrendous but I wouldn’t eat it again. It’s those things that you tested, you ate it and you don’t need any more. Neither Diosy or Aldo loved it either. But I regretted even more because eating “cuy” was not the smartest thing to do when I was sick. The next day I regret having done so. But for that I would already be in Aguascalientes even closer to Machu Picchu.

Aldo preparando el Cuy.

Diosy comiendo Cuy en Cusco, Perú

Yo comiendo Cuy en Cusco.


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