And that’s why I like to travel.

I like to travel and go to places I don’t know. I like to see different people and talk with them. I like to eat something that I don’t even know how to pronounce it. I like to climb up mountains so high as the clouds. I like to swim in rivers and seas that make me happy. I like to go from where I am and feel myself new, different. I like to feel myself me. 

Last week I went to a doctor who told me that I had some traumas in my life and that I need to talk of them. I know I have my issues but when I am somewhere else they go away and leave me. I can feel alive and in peace. When I am in some other place, far from where I know. I am another person. A better version of myself. And the warrior in me comes out and I feel I can handle everything. I feel I can run a marathon and drive a motorcycle. That I can talk with people in another language and by signs. That I can spend days without a shower and sleep in a hut with rats and giants lizards passing next to me.  I feel that I can travel with convicts in the same train wagon. I feel that I can walk in a dangerous city and feel part of it, feel like a local. And everything will be fine, because I feel like that. Fine.

I like the person I am when I’m not still. And that’s why I like to travel; because it transforms me and make me a more active, stronger and more curious person. And every month that goes by where I do not move and I do not feel the emotion I feel when I travel, that’s when my mind begins to have small videos of me when I was away and it was all shiny and new. And I look tired with a huge backpack and a smile on his face wanting for more. More of my other self.



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