Some reasons of why you have to travel at your 20’s.

So, today I read a post of a man called Aldo who wrote about some advices he would give to his 21 year old self. It has many good ones, like: Read everyday, stop watching T.V., Trust in the people but do not be naive, have patience, fail more than once, fall in love… Good ones, huh? Nothing that I haven’t heard before but hey, if those are the good ones why change them? Anyway, he also mentioned to travel, he said:

“You have little responsibility, so go and travel. When you reach your 30’s, you will want to travel in a slightly different way, to spend a little more, to do things quite more expensive, to eat in the best restaurants. So, working for a year and save enough money to experience the cheap world won’t kill you at your 20’s.

How do you know what are you going to do if you don’t know what there is to do outside?

Don’t travel to obvious places.

Travel to difficult places.

Travel to learn. Travel to discover.

Travel to places that will make you think what (and who) you want to be.”

So, do I agree with him? 100% yes. Why? Because I also believe this is the age to travel. Travel now that you are young, strong and full of a burning curiosity of the world and of yourself. Travel because your responsibilities are less than in the next ten years. And travel because you -perhaps- are lost, with constants wonders of the future, where to work and what to become and traveling is the best way to find out your next step. And I also believe you have to travel to not obvious places, to difficult ones, because it takes you off your comfort zone and it makes you discover the warrior that you have inside yourself. Travel to places that you don’t know the language, so your only way to communicate is by signs and a smile. Travel with no schedule, without guides. YOU have to plan your trip so you can also learn, not only about what is out there but about yourself. So plan it and make it worth it.

I also like and completely agree with this Aldo guy when he says about experience the cheap world. I have travel the two ways. I have been in luxurious hotels and no really worrying about money issues and I have also been to the crappiest hostels you can imagine and surviving by eating bread and a 3 euro nutella bottle. And from both of them, I prefer the second one. I prefer to travel cheap because it had allowed me to see more. It made me take the long way route in a bus instead of a one hour flight and I could experience more and stay in more little places I never knew they existed. It made me stayed at couchsurfers over booking in a hotel and slam the door to new people and new moments. It made me had to walk long distances instead of taking the subway/bus and I could wander through streets and see things and instants that made a city more magical. So, yes, every time I can, I prefer to grab my backpacker and travel cheap, travel light. Because now, I can do it, and those crappy hostels, and all those times where I was without enough money are now stories that I yearn to live again. Even though I was in that situation, I did it, It made me see the person I can be and discover something inside me I didn’t know I had.

So, yes, if you are in your 20’s -or any age really-, you should go ahead and travel.


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