Cusco, my last nights in Peru.

After the marvel we had at Machu Picchu we went back to Cusco, to spend my last days in Peru and soon board a plane to Mexico (and back to reality). Cusco is a very picturesque city. It has colonial buildings, that give the city a touch of history, and it also has countless “plazas” in -what it looked like- every corner.

We stayed again in the “Brigh Hostel” (Which I highly recommended, it is in a short distance from the center, a very nice building, good service and very comfortable). And in those days we’d stayed in Cusco we were in lazy mood. We were exhausted with sleepless days and, on my part with a sick stomach. I had -kind of- high altitude sickness, it didn’t seem to affect Diosy and Aldo. Anyway, we decided to go to the White Christ, this is on top of a hill and was a gift from Palestinian Christians to Cusco (for letting them migrate to Peru). The climb to the top was hard. I got tired after few steps, I couldn’t breathe, every step was a torture and when I looked up I only see more and more steps ready to tear me down. This was because of the altitude (I am not used to).

Calle hacia el Cristo Blanco

Diosy and Aldo were walking a little fast, I tried to pace myself but I just couldn’t, from time to time we stopped to rest a bit and while doing that a Peruvian man passed us with his daughter. The two looked so cool and fresh, they were already accustomed to these jogs. The man stood by us (the losers) and he smiled.

“Take it easy…give yourself time, climb it slowly so you won’t get tired.”

And with that he went his way. Slowly but steadily. We continue to do the same and we finally got to the top. We had to walk a bit down the road to get to “Cristo Blanco” (The White Christ). When we were there, with the Christ on our backs and all Cusco in front of us we were able to smile. The torture had ended. We stayed a while there watching the spectacular view of Cusco and we went back to it with that view in our minds.

Cristo Blanco

Yo co la vista de Cusco desde el Cristo Blanco.

Las afueras de Cusco

And when we were down, it was time to find a small and cheap (very cheap) restaurant to eat and fill us with strength so we continued our walk through the city of Cusco. The food was not very good, or at least it seemed to me, but that was also to the fact that I was sick.  We continued to walk through the neighborhoods of the city. We went to the Central Market (San Pedro), we bought some souvenirs and we saw some of that market culture well known in Mexico. We also went to the Plaza de San Blas which is known as a place with many artisans.

Un vistazo del Mercado central de Cusco (San Pedro).

Un vistazo de una calle de San Blas en Cusco

Plaza de San Blas

Diosy and Aldo went for some info for their trip to Puno (I could not go with them) and while that was happening I was in a store talking to a group of young Koreans who were traveling to many Latin American countries because they played korean music and they were performing there. They were very cool and they laughed at me when I tried to talk in my “fluid” Korean.

Then we went to have some dinner at a “nice restaurant” facing the Plaza de Armas, we just ordered desserts because it was what we could afford but it was fine because it was a very nice place and we had another view of the Plaza at night. Already with an average-full belly we went to an alley where they were selling Peruvian typical things. We got to the store of Janette and Davis and we talked with them for one hour, we buy some things, and we talk about Mexico and the differences and similarities we found with Peru, and they told us more of their country. When we parted they gave us a gift to each of us, small one but significant. Then we decided to take money from the cashier and we realized that our cards couldn’t withdraw money, which we found very strange. (Still, I no longer had money to spend), Aldo and Diosy told the hostel manager if it was possible for them to pay with card and he could give them cash (we could pay by card, just could not withdraw money from ATMs) and with that they fixed the problem of cash. I didn’t do it because I was leaving soon, well … almost.

Aldo en la plaza de armas de Cusco con todo y gorrito peruano.

The next day, I said goodbye to Diosy and Aldo, envying them a little because the travels continue for them and I had to go back. I got dress and went in combi (public little bus) to Cusco airport, where I flew to Lima (120 USD). I could go by bus but “I didn’t want to waste a day,” that at the end I wasted because since I had no money I had to stay 18 hours in Lima’s airport. THAT was a torture. I would rather climb to the White Christ three times running.

In the “combi” I read something that was written on the wall of a house.

“Dreams also travel in combi”

Which I found to be quite “good timing thing” because I was reading it while I was on one… so we keep on dreaming.


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