Cancun’s sea is my favorite

I have been to Cancun so many times, so many that a lot of people could find it boring. Not me, no when the sea is how it is and it let me swim and play with it. Yes, that is why Cancun will never bored me, not until the sea runs out. I don’t care about the pool, that is boring. I don’t want to get tan, the only thing I want to do is to swim in the sea.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Cancun’s sea has something that makes me want to go back. It is not just his beautiful color that invites you to jump in it, it is that- at least me- I feel that somehow the sea knows me and it knows what I want. I felt peace while I was there, when I was scared of him, it didn’t let me to open my eyes and when I lose that fear, it pulled me towards him.

A sailor once said to me that you shouldn’t be afraid to the sea, you have to respect him but never fear hum. The sea is life, Or rather to said it “La mar”, in feminine, like some fishermans say. Like Hemingway would say. Treating the sea (“La mar”) life a woman and loving it as such.

There is always the red flag besides it, that is the moment that I enjoy the most. When the waves are as big as a house and they make me swim through them. This summer I swam in a calm sea, without strong or big waves, with the stable tide, with a slow and eternal movement. And I like it, I enjoyed swimming like that because I felt like a fish. And I also swam with strong waves that want to take me down and laugh a bit at me. They didn’t accomplish it, I won, because I have cross those waves without fear or doubts. I love to swim and I love to swim in the sea of Cancun. Seeing blue everywhere and trying to move away from the beach and the people, swim offshore and keep swimming.

I’m happy when I’m in the water and while I swim you can see that my smile can’t be erase. Sometimes I think I should stop everything and move along the sea, I would swim a little everyday and fill me with energy to keep on giving. I think it’s the dream of many, waking up watching the sea and sleep listening to it. What a good life that the sea can give to you when he does not get angry. I would eat fruit and take coconut water, I would try not to eat so much meat and I would eat more natural things and the fish that I managed to catch. I’ll write listening to the waves and the sound of them when they hit the sand would be my usual music. I would run every morning, when the sun began to go out and feel the cool breeze filled my lungs. Yeah, I think I should try for a while and live by the sea.


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