Know more about KIN MX; mexican art-craft with a mission.

KIN MX is comformed by Alma, Daniela and Diosy. We are three mexicans friends that love our country. We are aware of its needs, and even though we know we can do little to solve them, we want to help in a way. Which is the main reason behind KIN MX. We are currently working in Alliance with indigenous artisans from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas and implementing a fair trade business model. They receive the right amount for they hard and beautiful hand made art-craft.

Like in many other countries, indigenous ethnicites in Mexico are segregated groups that have to work harder than the average citizen in order to have an income to support their families. Most of the times it is not even regular, nor fair. Nevertheless…they are the only remains of the heritage from our ancestors: Aztecs, Mayans, Purepechas, Otomies…among others. Indigenous art-craft in this country is a tradition coming from centuries ago. It is 100% handmade and artisans learn their craft from generation to generation. Can you imagine families of artisans dedicated to the same craft century after century? Sadly, they have to sell their great job at the lowest prices, people even bargain these already low prices.

In order to try and solve this issue, and after researching the art-craft market in Mexico, we found out that many people don’t think art-craft is more than a folkloric souvenir. We thought it is much more than that. This is why we came out with the idea of giving mexican art-craft a little update, keeping its traditional beauty: all of this turning it into daily use items.

Yes, KIN MX is a way to help indigenous artisans from Mexico to have a constant and significant income and also showing people from other countries and mexicans as well the great and beautiful products that are made in Mexico. 

We decided to make a campaign in INDIEGOGO mainly for two reasons; the first one is because we are currently in need of funds to continue with KIN MX and expand our artisans network and second, because it is also a great way to be noticed and positioned in the online market.

KIN MX is more than a brand. It a way of helping unseen people. With KIN MX, indigenous artisans will have a regular income, they won’t have to wait to high seasons to be able to sell their craft. And since we are doing this through fair trade, we are paying what their hard work is worth. KIN MX will help women empowerment as well, since most of the indigenous artisans are women.

Let’s not forget, indigenous people are the cultural heritage of any country and people usually turn their backs on them. They have to figure out the way to sustain themselves and most of the time getting rid of their indigenous identity is the only way to survive in a “civilized world”. By ignoring them we are ignoring our past, and we are erasing the most important part of our history. KIN MX is trying to bring back the importance of our indigenous background, we want people to start noticing their work and start caring about it and enhancing it.

And we are thinking big, we want to reach not just Mexico but other countries, so they know that here, we still are proud of ancestral beauty and want to keep it.

So, Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCAN’T?! Since everybody likes tacos, everybody is a MexiCAN!

We know we are going through a time of crisis, and we understand that many of you can’t help us in the funding BUT that doesn’t mean you CAN’T help. We NEED you! And YOU CAN HELP US! Just by sharing our cause and making more and more people to know KIN MX. We will be truly grateful!




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