Because what I love will always be in Mexico.

I have had the opportunity to travel, to see amazing countries and talk to different people, learning about other cultures, see other colors, smells, and feel… yes, I have had the opportunity to open my senses and get carried away by them in such diverse places as magical. All these have been part of my learning, all have made me see that 1. I love to travel and keep on traveling and 2. I love Mexico.

Whenever I travel abroad, it makes me appreciate my own country, it makes me see things about it that I could not see while standing on its land. Yes, leaving Mexico makes me love it more and every time I return I have a cheerful heart pumping and happy to be back at home. I know it’s not perfect, it has a lot of shit on it that do not allow it to grow as it should. I know that Mexico is big and beautiful, but it has a poison in it that is giving a bad name and it fills its land with blood. Mexico has death and has people above who are doing everything possible to keep the country well below. We live in an age where we are afraid to go outside, where students disappear, corruption grows and, finally, all that shit and poison makes Mexico becomes opaque. And for me, if there is one word that describes my country is COLOR.

Everywhere you look you will see glowing colors, it have pink and blue houses and people always have a smile that tastes like the color yellow. People here is beautiful, and although there are persons with gray tones, there are more with striking color that invites you to come and says “Mi casa es tu casa.” I like the country where I was born, I like to be called mexican. I like to think that is a complete and a country full of life, that its veins are lit up and they keep on moving, that is is still beating.

Whenever I go away and people ask me where I’m from, I answer with a smile:

“From Mexico”

And I am proud, because it is a country with history, with struggle, with war, it is a country made with passion. And everything that goes out of here has that, it has art.

When I went to Uganda many people told me; “Why do you go so far with so many problems right here?” I answered … “because I want to help and have adventures while doing it, I want to know another soil.” When I returned from Uganda, I had one thing clear … and I read it in a book of Juliam Smith, “Crossing the heart of Africa”:

“From here on, every step I take will be toward home.”

So that’s why I’m doing, I am starting with something that was originated with an idea and it now has become my life project. I’m creating a brand, with my friend Alma, of Mexican art-crafts with the taste of tradition that characterizes Mexico but with a more urban style, and while doing it, I am working with indigenous artisans in a fair trade. Being with them has been an enriching and wonderful experience. They have taught me a lot, I have heard their life story, I have shared their meal and I have learnt a bit of their language. I like the idea of helping, to give a little and be part -even though is in a small part- of this culture that is mine and it has been shutting off slowly. I would like to see it shine again, so my mind is now on my new project and with them. My mind is at home, in Mexico.

Working in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas with the wonderful women; Martha, Helen, Juana and Mayra.
Working in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas with the wonderful women; Martha, Elena, Juana and Mayra.

The project is called KIN MX and it need funds, which is why we are now doing a campaign in indiegogo, the money we get from there will help us grow our network of artisans and products, giving them a solid and regular income. We want people to know Mexico through their art-craft, we want those and the work of the artisans to begin to be appreciate properly and that people stop saying the very famous “How much less?”

Please Help.

Smiling in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas.
Smiling in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas.

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