First impressions of Brazil

(I wrote this in my blog in spanish on January 23, 2015)

I’m in Brazil and everything here is amazing. Rio is a strange city, in a good way. It is a beach city but at the same time, there are buildings and people working in them. And then there’s the people who are super tan and wanders the streets in bikinis and shirtless. It is a city that feels like vacation. I like Rio de Janeiro, there is so much activity everywhere. It is a city with lots of people and lots of life. As everything it has their bad side, and there is people who enjoys it there are other who suffer. It is usual to see homeless walked on, people who do not even attempt to be seen. But Rio has treated me so far in a gentle way, with smiles and full of dancing. The Brazilians were all a pleasure to meet and run into them while I’m in town, walking and getting lost. For now I can only speak for the Carioca life, I’ve only been here. I will soon go to Salvador and we’ll see if things stays the same, if Brazil is Brazil or if it is divided into parts. I think it will be the same; I think I will be all about people smiling.

¡Rio es bello!


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