Our first moments in Brazil

To be honest, when Brazil came as a travel option I  was not really thrilled. It seemed a good place but it was not something that made me jump out of bed and scream. Now that I went, I can say that Brazil MUST be that, that thing that makes you took out a loud shout of happiness for knowing that you will go and that fills you with emotion. Because, How beautiful is Brazil! I only went for two weeks but it felt like it was way more, It felt like a couple of months full of beaches, sun and great people with friendly soul.

One reason why I like to travel is because of the people. People passing by your side as you walk through unknown streets and make you feel at home. The Brazilians are amazing, they have a desire of party and dance that infects you. The friendliness was what I liked most, they saw us and when they realized that we were foreigners they started talking to us in Portuguese and tell us about what we were seeing, “Look, this building is the faculty of medicine, and this area is called Botafogo and blah blah blah blah” They were showing us Brazil and they liked us to know more about their country.

We just step out on the airport in Rio de Janeiro and we realized that people would be those who were going to make this trip something much better than my mind thought. As in any country when you arrive at the airport there will be 100 taxi men fighting for you to take their taxi  in a insulting overpriced price, and you, as a tourist and people who do not know, you go and pay. But in many cities, especially cities with great influx as Rio, there are always cheaper options.

Diosy, my sister and I got together and we tend to go for the more economical thing, so we asked for more options. But when the doors opened and they saw us carrying our heavy backpacks a bold taxi driver approached us and asked us, we said that if it was relatively cheap we would pay it, but it was not…

“90 reales” he said.

We found that excessive and a lady behind the driver stared at me and in silence and with a gesture she told me not to accept it. The taxi driver dropped to 80 reais, the lady looked at me and did the same negative gesture, and we we told the driver that we weren’t taking him, it was very expensive. He started to say that that was the price because we had suitcases and that was extra, that’s when I found it ridiculous, we said no but he continued to insist so the lady came and began to argue. She was defending us, saying it was an opportunist and then the discussion started getting hot so we decided to thank the lady and slowly move away from there.

We asked for the bus that would take us for only 13.50 reais. Now we just needed to change some dollars. A Mexican gentlemen who we met during the flight approached us and introduced us to his son who lived there, they told us to go with him because he would help us to find a cheaper change. Now, this guy was dressed super informally and he look kind of suspicious, if it had not been the son of the couple we knew we would probably have thought it more but we went with him and he began to speak in a very mistrstful manner with an airport employee, they both turned to see us and they indicated us to follow them. At that moment the lady who helped us with the taxi driver approached us with a worried mother face and asked us:

 “Everything okay?”

While she stared at us distressingly. We said that everything was ok, thanked her and explained that we knew the boy. The employee asked us how much we wanted to change and walked away, everything seemed funny, they were acting as if it was an organ or drug sell. Finally, we changed the money and we said goodbye, took the cheap bus that left us in Copacabana.



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