Dance dance dance, Haruki Murakami

And I again read a book by Murakami. I used to say it was my favorite, and honestly, when I see a book of it first thing I think is to buy it. But, no, he’s not my favorite author and some of his books have disappointed me a little, maybe he’s not the kind of literature that grabs me. Although I must admit that there are one or two who has pleased me a lot. “Dance, dance, dance” was a difficult book to read, at least initially, it was like a roller coaster between “yes I like” and “No, I do not like”. Sometimes I loved it and wanted to keep reading and reading and sometimes I didn’t stand it and left it on the table, unopened, for days. But overall, I liked it.

Like most of Murakami’s book, “Dance dance dance” has a touch of fantasy and surrealism. But, they are not as present as for example in “Kafka on the Shore.” Although it does, clearly does.

It is about a thirty-something man who has a dull life. He is not living, just let the days pass. Then, he decides to leave everything and go back to a hotel that we feels it is crying for him. To a place that he had been in the past with a woman, Kiki, who disappeared from his life without a trace. So, he go there to find answers, because maybe it is Kiki the one who is crying. The hotel had change, now it was large and luxurious. There he meets two women, one receptionist and Yuki, a girl of thirteen years old who he starts a friendship. And, well .. I will not say more about it since I don’t want to spoil the story. I am only going to say something that happen after he went to that place in the past; he begins to dance. Not literally, but it starts to go where the dictates him, where his feet dictate him. He doesn’t sit down, now he dances.

It is a book of mystery, friendship, death, love and, of course, music.


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