The world is broken into pieces

Today I write for me and for you; for everyone, because we all live in this world and we will die here. Today I write pouring my chest out so I can say what we all want to say but they make us shut up. I write against those who one day speak with words of support and the next day they turn around without seeing us and stab us on our backs. I write for that one that fits the sack and those who puts it every day. I write screaming and crying and in a constant fear of dying while walking, while trying to keep standing. I write because I’m tired of reading about deaths, lies and laziness. And because this should be finished but nobody does anything for this to happen, even me, I just write.

I look around and I see shit covering all. Cowardly and stupid people who measure their persona into material things, as if by having more makes you better. They forget something important; to have not always make you interesting. They value the brand and not the process, the end and not the beginning, the name and not the way. And worst of all is that by wanting all this foam of luxuries they slap everyone else and morality is merely a word without weight. Steal and lie, kill and sleep. They are scum, no more. When they are point at they just laugh, they do not care about reputation when their pockets are full of gold. And we are left with the mirrors. What a vile barter. And it is not happening only near me, it’s also going on in unknown corners that speak other languages.

There are also a lot of crying and ruins, and The Death prowls tired from all work. There are wars that destroy lives and lives that end more lives. We are all in this circle called world and are the puppets of those who are standing, crushing us. They drive us to their will and we still believe in freedom. But, Are we really free or is it all a game? One that never ends and that we always end up losing. Because the reality is that the world is broken into pieces and the people above just observe it in amusement. And they want more, and if they want more, they’ll have more. Because I do not see anyone who is willing to stop them, and if there are, they made them disappear.


(Sorry, for the terrible english… I wrote this in my spanish blog: “El mundo se parte en pedazos”, if you are good at english it will be awesome if you can comment the correct form of any mistake I made and I will gladly correct it).


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