26 is just a number.

I turned 26 last month, and while I see how my friends curse themselves and are frighten the idea of turning this age where most of the people know what to do, are married and even with kids, I see the 26 and I don’t see anything scary on it. I see a number. Twenty-six years that have given me so much.

I had the fortune of reaching this age with a smile on the face, with no disease that harasses me and with many people that I love and who love me. Twenty-six years than I did with my life what I’ve wanted, not what supposedly one should do. I went against the grain and I’m still standing. Twenty-six years well spent, well enjoyed and well laughed. I once heard that you should not be afraid of age, at the end, having another year of life is that, you did it, you walked a year, three hundred sixty five days. We must count all the laughs that we had in all those years, not counting the years as such. We must count all the people we have known,the books we have read and the places we have seen. Do not count the years but the moments in them.

SO, here I am, happy for another given year, but mostly, happy for every single thing that this year of life has brought me.

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” –Voltaire


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