Pictures that broke my heart.

I just saw on the internet some photos that broke my heart. I am fortunate, I know, and to think of this while I am safe at home feels bad. I want to help but I do not know how and I feel impotence for not being able to do more other than write.

The pictures I am talking about are the ones showing the immigration of Syrian people trying to escape the war their country is in. This problem has been going on since four years now and it doesn’t seem to be going to stop soon. For a while most people just close their eyes and decided not to care. Why would they? It have nothing to do with them, they are far away and it’s not their problem. Except it is, I am not syrian, but I am a human being and it hurts to see this kind of suffering, what they are going trough is devastating.I have said it before and I am saying it again; the world is breaking into pieces, there’s much evil out there and it’s like a virus that it’s infecting souls.

The pictures I saw.
The pictures I saw.
The pictures I saw.
The pictures I saw.
A Syrian refugee holding his son and daughter. The pictures I saw.
A  Syrian refugee holding his son and daughter.
The pictures I saw, this one is by Daniel Etter.

I am not a mother and I cannot fully put myself in these parents shoes, but I can imagine that if I ever have kids of my own I would fight till death for them to be healthy, happy and alive. This is what this parents are doing, they are fighting. Fighting so they can survive. This people have overcome great pain and terror and WE need to help.

I was glad to see videos of people expressing love and welcoming the Syrians refugees.  It shows us that where there is evil, there is also good. We should fight to let the good win. In every battle we have, in this battle right now, we must do good. Kindness and acts of love can teach others and it will lead to hope. I know almost nobody read this blog, but if somebody out there see this, please, DO GOOD. Fight with love and spread it.


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