Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

The idea of ​​going to Malaysia was almost out of the blue. We went only because I saw some incredible discounts with Air Asia Airlines. So I decided to go to there , and I was accompanied by a Mexican friend , one Spanish , one French and one Uruguayan.

We spoke with a German guy who had lived in Malaysia for a year, he recommended us not stay too long in Kuala Lumpur, and, we were happy that we listened. So we only stayed one night in KL and the following nights on the island of Penang. Again, we buy a plane ticket to the island with Air Asia… I think it was around $ 30 roundtrip. Long live Air Asia!

We went with a suitcase in hand and well , I was carrying a backpack , we took the night flight to the Malaysian capital and arrived very early in the morning . When we find a cheap hostel, we got ready and went out to see the city. And we had no idea where to go or what to see. We took a map and decided to guide our steps with him.

Kuala Lumpur street
Kuala Lumpur street
Kuala Lumpur street
Kuala Lumpur street

Kuala Lumpur

I cannot say I liked Kuala Lumpur, al thought I didn’t hated it either. It is strange, different. It is a combination of Asian cultures. It has Muslims, Chinese, Indian and Malay, of course. Then it’s like you are painting a picture with all these differences, the result can be an explosion of colors and flavors (because the food was also a mix of this and it was great). And that’s how Kuala Lumpur is. And sometimes, it did not look cute; It looked dirty and dull. Maybe, -and quite certainly- this perception was influenced by the fact that the day we arrived was really cloudy and as we walked a torrential rain dropped and it  made us get under an unused building and then run to a museum in which I became crazy buying souvenirs.


From the hostel we could walked a bit and there was a small temple, then you kept walking and you saw another, and another… and another. Small temples next to houses that made the neighborhood to look colorful. At night we went to the KL tower and we went up. Where we could appreciate the view of the city at night. We went down and we got a mini zoo. Nothing special but it was free if you bought a ticket to climb the tower.

Then we went to have dinner at a bar, my Spanish friend had attitude to go out and get crazy but we preferred just to have dinner and to go see another tourist spot. And we approached slowly to the Petronas Tower. From what it is known Malaysia. Its two high towers with a bridge in the middle that unites them. They were building something and we could not climb but, well, we had seen KL at night so it did not matter much. We took photos.

Torres Petronas

The next day, we went to the national Mosque. It was near the hostel so we walked. It is huge. The women had to wear purple chadors that were covering all but our face, and so we entered and see the Mosque closer. It was very pretty but we were more focused on how we looked in our chador.

En la mezquita Nacional

We came back really quickly to the hostel, take a shower and go for our stuff. After it we took a train to Putrajaya, a city between Kuala Lumpur and the Airport. And in Putrajaya we could see the rich part of Malaysia. The houses were huge and really pretty. Wherever you look everything was perfect. The gardens, the fountains, the streets, everything. We thought: “Maybe this is where the people with money lives, and not in KL.” It was like a duality between those two cities, Kuala Lumpur with the chaos and a great mix of cultures (Which made it interesting) and Putrajaya, all nice a preppy, a mix as well BUT between western and slightly Asian.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-22 a la(s) 13.10.33

Putrajaya, Malaysia
Putrajaya, Malaysia

There was another massive Mosque and a Government building in a big square. Nearby there was a little building with electrical stairs and we went down. We saw it was kind of a mall, there were many restaurants that were cheap so each of us buy something to have a full stomach before the flight. But, when we finish eating we realize that we had really few time to catch the flight, and we weren’t even at the airport. So we ran like mad men with our suitcases and backpacks to take a public bus that was going to take us to a Bus Station so we could take the proper bus to the airport. But it was kind of far, we still run. We saw the bus coming and we were still running, so we lift our arms and shout to catch the driver’s attention, and it worked because he waited for us. If we hadn’t catch that bus I am pretty sure we would have lost the flight because we barely made it to the central. At the end we did it and we flight our way to Penang, saying goodbye to KL.

En Putrajaya


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