To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

I have read this book three times in my life and every time somebody ask me about my favorite book this is the one that pops in my head. If I think about it I have many books that I like, but, To Kill a Mockingbird has some sort of innocent magic that when I read it I can’t do nothing else but to read and be immerse in that world, even when I close the book I found myself in Maycomb and I am laughing and crying with it.

The first time I read it was because in a magazine I read that this actor named his dogs Atticus and Boo Radley,  like the character in the book. It got my attention and I decided I should read it. I loved it, I was maybe fifteen years old and I truly appreciate it, but not as much as the second and third time that I read it

One day I was walking by myself at the crowded streets of Seoul, South Korea and I ended up at a huge library near the Cheonggyecheon stream. I started to look around that place, with many books and  coffee cups, notebooks and stuff like that. Suddenly I saw it, To Kill a Mockingbird. An air of nostalgia empowered me, I thought that since I decided to buy something in english to practice it I should bought that one. It was a good decision, because it made me remember the words that Scout and Jem said.

The third time that I read it was this week. One of the reasons I did it was because months ago my sister told me that the writer, Harper Lee, had publish another book that told the story of Scout, so I, of course, bought it as soon as it was release. And to commemorate this event I had to read once more the Pulitzer winning book that started everything. Since the moment that I held it again I couldn’t put it down. It made me reaffirm what I answer when they ask me about my favorite book.

Ok, so, To Kill a Mockingbird, I think it is a book that everybody should read. It said so many things in a simple way, it tells complicated things through a child’s eyes, somebody that doesn’t know yet the evil. My favorite character is Atticus, and, of course, Scout, who is the narrator describing her past. I think that this book can be read by young and old people. I like the way it is told, like if it’s a story, a flashback. You can see yourself there, in Maycomb, Alabama, and you imagine perfectly everything that surrounds you; your neighbors, the houses, the kids playing down the street. The characters are very well defined and all of them plays an important part in the story because it shows the difference of personalities and values that exists between them, between the people that are near.

While I read it I could see with more clarity all the critics that the writer makes, from the society, the racism, the laws and the classism. Everything. I think that a book that was written in the USA in 1960, in a time where the racial segregation was a tough thing, it was something brave to write. It is a book that shows all the garbage that are around us. All this beliefs, all these prejudices and injustices. I believe that what makes this book one of the great ones is that it tells everything in an simple and even naive way thanks to been told by a child. Being these ones, the kids, the ones that “the things of the world haven’t corrupted them yet.”

Matar a un ruiseñor, Harper Lee


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