Colombia came, and it went so fast.

I went to Colombia for a ridiculously short amount of time, but it gave me what i needed to hold on and keep going. I needed to travel, and so I did, I moved and I shook myself and I enjoyed every moment.

The universe gave me another chance, a step forward and many other pictures from a new place. Each time I came back from another country I had my mind settle in some other, it is an addictive circle that does not end and that I hope it never will. That in my head, the images of different places ready to be wander will stay, that it will be full of seas, mountains and infinite changes. Yes, I hope that I never get tired of traveling and each year I go out with my big backpack on the shoulders and I take those printed images on my mind directly to my eyes so I can never get them out of me.

So, one month before finishing the year, Colombia came, and it went so fast. I stayed wishing I could see more. This trip was a perfect introduction to many others. I want to go back, I really do, I want to go back.

I saw a walled city, I walked streets with houses full of colors, I climbed 740 steps to see beauty, I swam in the sea, a group of women ripped us off, I kept swimming, I slept on the beach, I saw a lake that was once full of gold, I touched sculptures of people and animals in large a volume, I saw friends, I remembered the past, we made the number 405 and 102 to have a new meaning, I sang ‘Cielito Lindo’ in “Ballenato” version mounted on a multicolored bus without windows, I ate a lot, I ate too much, I drank juices of fruits that had not heard of, I walked, I danced, I laughed, I moved.

Colombia came and I thought that It wouldn’t have the strength it had. Thta I would like it but that that would be it. I was wrong. Colombia, definitely, it is a country full of life that invites you to wander. It takes you by the hand and it makes you want to return.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-04 a la(s) 21.46.53


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