The day I went to Ipanema

We read that one thing to do while in Rio was to see the sunset at Ipanema beach. So, we embarked in a taxi to do that. It was kind of late, the sun was hiding already and we weren’t near Ipanema. We told the taxi driver our wish and he understood it perfectly so he start to drive a little faster, he also liked to speak. He told us about the situation in Brazil and about the expensive prices. I liked him, he always said to us “Muito Quench, muito quench” (It’s so hot!) and we were like “Yeah yeah, muito quench” because it was. When we finally arrived to Ipanema we run to the lookout and we saw the leftovers of the sunset and to the sun saying goodbye behind a pinkish cloth and the sea. I liked the view and I tried to tasted that moment, see the colors, the people, the lovers, the fishemen, everybody staring to the same thing I was staring; beauty. It was so beautiful that I took some photos but I tried not to abuse the trigger and to dedicated myself to see it with my eyes and not through the camera.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

After it we walked along the beach and all the atmosphere was perfect. You see runners, football players, people doing capoeira, people doing volleyball, you see a lot, so much activity and all that space well utilized.

It made me see how different Mexico is. Here, in Mexico, most of the beaches put a wall of hotels in front of the sea and turn something that is from all of us into somewhere almost impossible to enter. In Brazil, everybody owns the sea.

Capoeira en la Playa de Ipanema

Ipanema de noche.



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