A day in -solitary- Rio de Janeiro’s downtown .

The day that we decided to go to the downtown of Rio de Janeiro was a festive day, so you could see the streets almost empty and the only thing that follow your steps was your own shadow. I think that it was a good way to know the city’s downtown, because even though many things were closed, we got to see another angle of the city.

That day we woke up a little late and we got ready to go out, just my sister and myself. It was really hot, too much, Muito quenchi, but it didn’t matter to us, we kept going our own way and we arrived to the subway station “Cinelandia.” In that station you get out right in front of a very beautiful building that is the Municipal theater. It was closed and we could only see it from outside. There was a long plaza, pretty long, and we walked that way to follow the path and without knowing we arrived to the arches, that, on my humble opinion, aren’t very impressive.

Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Seing the arches make us realize that we were at LAPA, near the famous stairs of mosaics (Selaron stairs) and from the bar we went party a couple of nights before. That time we went at night, with the moon already set up and everything looked mysterious and dangerous. Now, with the sun in the sky, the atmosphere felt safer. Also, the fact that there weren’t much people made us think that it would be better. So, yes, this time we could climb the stairs to the top, see the mosaics closer and take some pictures.

It was something tiring to climb it all, specially because it was a really hot day. Just before arriving to the top, there was a guy selling water. We decided to finish the staris and then drink a delicious and energizing coconut water. Just what we need to continue the road all to Uruguainha. A place where a friend of mine told us we could buy souvenirs at a great price. But, since it was festive everything was close so we decided to go back to Copacapaba. As we walked all that we notice that the city was really lonely, and all these buildings were there just to say hi to us while we passed. Everybody else was at the beach. And an hour later, so did we.

Escaleras de Selarón. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Moritz says:

    Rio de Janeiro sounds really interesting! I’ll spend three days in the city in April and can’t wait to experience and review it myself 🙂

    1. danielafeb says:

      You will love it! I think it is fantastic city!

      1. Moritz says:

        Sounds amazing! Thanks for the nice foretaste 🙂

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