One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel García Marquéz

I know, it is a cliché to write about this book right after my trip to Colombia. The truth is that I finished reading one day before the flight to this country, his country. I could not write about it before, but I will today.

I read it because I knew I had to, because I had delayed it too much and I thought it was time. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is definitely a great book, confusing at times, but nothing detracts from the great narrative quality.

To be honest, I had to download a picture of the family tree of the Buendia family to keep track of the names and characters and I occasionally looked at it to not confuse each other. I liked it, I thought it would take longer to read but it was fast. I took it and it immediately got me. It doesn’t do it in a way where you can not let go of it and you just want to keep reading to see what happens as it has happened to me with other books, no, with this one is more like trying to stick with it but without any hurry to know and to finish it.

I like it because it speaks of town, of Macondo, which may well be any Latin American town. I like that place, and how he build it. As dreams go between reality and they tangle between them converting everything in life. Its characters, all of them with their own stories and personality, all different and all important. I like how he puts so many generations and that they all have something to contribute, a little madness, responsibility, strength, love, passion, joy, sadness, mysticism, and more. I also loved the end, and how it leaves you with a good taste in your mouth and the eyes wide open.

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  1. Maybe my lack of experience with Latin literature did it, but the novel felt too cartoonish tome. It might have worked as an animated show, but everyone is exaggerated like that KLK anime and I couldn’t get over it. Also, the 10th Jose Arcado starts to become tiring.

    1. danielafeb says:

      Hahaha yeah every time they said they’ll name the new kids the same as the father and uncles I was like ” ohhh damn, this is getting confusing” I didn’t find it cartoonish but maybe is because I’m Latin and the town and characters kind of remind me of the little town my family is from. Haha :):)

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