What I haven’t written.

Everyday that goes by I go further and further from what it was, those fantastic trips that taught me to wander often and better, from those places that I have written so little and that I should field entire notebooks with them, because there is so much to say.

My mind goes away and it has clouds where the past hide and sometimes it brings them back in pieces. So, from now on I’ll start to write about them; about those distant travels that photos bring them back, and that sometimes and I feel myself there, touching the artcraft from the locals, eating with chopsticks, I perceive odors and listen to music that used to make me dance. I go back to them because I was happy there. It is a different happiness now, it was a new happiness, mixed with adrenaline, fear and curiosity. It was there that I learned to walk more, to open my eyes and look beyond, to no say no and to face the things that made my heart pound; to address fears that I never knew I had. They were days filled with new things and adventures. Things that fill the soul and illuminate life.

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-05 a la(s) 18.20.06

It’s been four years from my exchange in South Korea, of meeting people so similar yet so different from me, to see landscapes with temples, of have a little study and getting drunk more. In Korea I sang a lot and danced too much. I learned to read again and to talk -just a little- in another language. Seoul was the perfect city for that experience. It gave me so much. And if I could go back tomorrow, I would do it without thinking.

It also came my trip to Malaysia for a few days but good ones to enjoy, eat and meet people. With little money but many steps walked and friends who are still there. Then life took me to Thailand where I could enjoy this new country with my own people. See elephants, touch the tigers and feed giraffes, to spend Christmas and New Year there and connect more with my siblings. Then quickly it came India, my cultural shock and my desire to return. Finally, Japan. Walking alone through the streets full of friendly people who always offered me a smile.

It has been a long time from that and  even though the following years brought me more and more travels, I think it is necessary to write about those who started it all. With this wonderful madness that is traveling.

Captura de pantalla 2014-08-31 a la(s) 21.56.55

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-05 a la(s) 18.10.12


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