Cartagena and her walled city

Cartagena has the most beautiful streets. Walking through its downtown is entering a time where everything was simple and full of colors, balconies and flowers. A time where there was romance and a guy named Florentino Ariza swore eternal love. Yes, walking through the center of Cartagena is walking in a dream, getting deep in the streets and think about the lyrics of the great Gabo while you do it. If it is beautiful now, I cannot imagine how it was years ago. When everything was simpler but stronger. Anyone could be happy in it.

Cartagena is a city that you should go at least once in your life. If you’re on the beach you will be disappointed but if you go by their walled city you’ll be wanting to stay there forever. That part is, without doubt, the most beautiful of all.

I liked it a lot. Their houses all colorfully painted with flowers on top and a huge front door. I loved the small gardens every few blocks, they are a respite inviting you to write. There you hear music and you see art. Yes, the walled city is a necessary escape from this world to one cuter and also to the past. It’s people are cheerful and greets you while you go, if you’re lucky they even stop to talk with you. You can smell the handmade milk candy and taste the fruit juice. Wooden balconies are infinite, in them there are plants of all types and even more colors. I liked to felt that I was in another place, a model made with the imagination of a romantic madman.

Cartagena, ciudad amurallada-

Cartagena, ciudad amurallada.

Cartagena, ciudad amurallada.


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