Antigua the beautiful… but a salt-free bread.

All blogs, magazines, people that talk about Guatemala will say that Antigua is a must, I will not be the exception … although I must add that if you fail to go is not the end of the world. It is pretty, yes, and I liked walking through its streets, especially in the early morning when the sun was just rising and people  were going to work and children to school. That was a good time in the city but outside of that I had not many more to say. With this I’m not saying that is not a nice place, because it is, with its huge colonial buildings, laundry rooms of rock next to small squares, ruins that give the city a certain personality, cobblestone streets make made it look rustic and beautiful and even with a view of the street that ends in a volcano. But still I did not love it as much as many persons that had gone do, I think something is missing; to me it lacks life.

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We went for three days and walked around the city from beginning to end, on foot. We visited the central square, some museums, churches, markets, the cemetery, bars… and for me Antigua is cute but is a salt-free bread. In Mexico, and I am not sure if it is said in another country, but here when you find somethings ‘simple’ there is a saying that goes “It’s like bread without salt”. It is plain. That’s what I want to say when I say that Antigua is beautiful but a salt-free bread.

One of the things I liked was that a gentleman approached me and started talking to me thinking that I was the new doctor at the local hospital. When I answer that I wasn’t he then ask me where I was from, I told him Mexico. “I am very grateful to Mexico,” he said explaining about how quickly my country had opened the doors to many Guatemalans when there was a civil war. He said goodbye to me with a handshake and went to church. That was another great moment in Antigua.

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-01 a la(s) 18.05.49Captura de pantalla 2016-04-01 a la(s) 18.06.11

Me quedé en dos hostales, uno que nos gustó mucho y otro que no nos gustó nada. El primero se llamaba Three Monkeys Hostel y un limbo con gente chida que quería descansar, hablar, tomar y fiestar. Podías encontrar todos los moods de los hostales en ése. El otro gracias a Dios sólo nos quedamos una noche, era el Base Camp hostel un pequeño infierno para los amantes del sueño. Fue una tortura dormir ahí, porque en realidad, no se puede dormir ahí. Ese hostal está diseñado por un insomne que busca venganza (eso mismo puse en mi crítica en Tripadvisor). Y bueno, volviendo a Antigua… Estoy segura que muchas personas logran ver algo cálido en ella, y les encanta y deciden quedarse a vivir allí, o tal vez no se quedan ahí simplemente logran hacer lo que yo no pude; amarla. Yo no la amé, tampoco la odié. Pasó y se fue, Antigua me es indiferente.

I stayed in two hostels, one we liked a lot and one we did not like at all. The first was called Three Monkeys Hostel and it was full with cool people who wanted to relax, talk, drink and party, you could find people into what you liked there. All the moods of  the hostels in one. The other -thank God we only stayed one night- was the Base Camp hostel and it was a little hell for sleep lovers. It was a torture to sleep there, because in reality, you cannot sleep there. This hostel is designed by an insomniac who seeks revenge (I wrote that in my review on Tripadvisor). Well, back to Antigua … I’m sure that many people get to see something warm in it, and they love and decide to stay or to live there, or maybe they do not stay but there simply get to do what I couldn’t; to love her. I did not loved the city, I didn’t hated her either. It came and went, Antigua, for me, was indifferent.


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