Moving around in Guatemala; chicken bus!

Public transport ia always the best option, because there is where you can see the reality and live like a local. In Guatemala the buses that are used to move are those known as “Chicken buses.” They are very colorful, in not so good condition but very, very cheap. I got to travel in many of them  as drivers love to say they go somewhere when in fact they do not go there and they leave you in the middle of nowhere waiting for another Chicken Bus that will definitely go to the place you go but that really is not going there and they tell you the truth once you the bus is already going on the road, it again leaves you in a strange place and well … you get the picture. It’s all part of the fun, but into the fourth chicken bus to Lake Atitlan I was a bit tired, and above all in the first one someone stole my phone (not cool). All fun and laughs until someone steal something … as Alma said, my friend and traveling companion for Guate.

But if you are in this country is something that you should take, they are part of the culture, they are fun (on their own way), they teach you to sing Mexican band songs (because it is almost the only thing that they play) and when I took four of them and a boat it was 7 dollars total. Meaning, its really CHEAP! (My favorite word).

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-05 a la(s) 22.04.02


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  1. Explorgasm says:

    This is exactly what I hear about the chicken buses hear but with a negative connotation. I like your positive outlook on the situation

    1. danielafeb says:

      Haha if you have time and want to save money this is definitely the way to go. Just be careful with your belongings. :):)

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