Salvador, Bahia.

One of the things I liked most of Salvador it’s downtown; Pelourinho, full of colors, people and life. I loved those nooks, ups and downs and narrow streets that invite you to take a coconut water hiding of sun. As in every city center there are many government buildings. In a huge square is La Cerda elevator that takes you from the high part of the city to the bottom part saving a lot of time, it measures seventy meters. You walk a little and you get to a place where you see many locals enjoying the cool under the trees and in the middle of it is a statue of a black man who fought for the liberation of slaves, called Zumbi. Walking a little further we came within a square where you can appreciated more the charm of downtown Salvador and colorful buildings. We went to the church of San Francisco, where you can see black saints, which seemed quite interesting.

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In Salvador there is a fallen cross representing the fact that a church was destroyed to put the tracks of a tram that was never used. I heard music coming from buildings and it injected flavour to your veins. And then we come to the main square, best known for being the place where Michael Jackson recorded his video along with Olodum.

Another thing they say you have to do in Salvador is go to the church of Bonfim and watch the sunset at the fort. So we did. We took a van that was not even going there but when he saw he had passengers he decided to change his route and lead to Bonfim. When we arrived we saw that there were  men  running to you to sell you bracelets that were tying up the gates of the church, the whole gate was covered by them, we bought them and tied some. We didn’t last long there because the sun was going down and we head to the fort. And, good thing we did, there you see the sea with yellow colors as the sun disappears between the waves. There were many people there, seeing what I was seing and loving everything.

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