‘Stand by me’, Rob Reiner

A friend came to visit recently and she told me that we should watch the movie “Stand By Me” Rob Reiner. I have heard about it, yes, I had heard of it in other films and series, I have even watched some chunks of it, and I’m happy that I finally watched it all. This film is one of those that make you feel something else, that welcomes you to life and makes you think about it. On children, maturity, friends .This film is a journey to self-discovery that has made me remember the past, people of that time, I’ve wanted to go camping, to fear leeches more than the coyotes and it has made me want to be 12 again.

I liked it, I would like to have watched it full time ago just to see if I felt something different being younger. I think it’s a film that you can see one, two, a hundred times and you never get bored. It has simple and honest dialogue, funny and serious things. It has a lot. I liked the end, that one that explains what life does, how people change and its direction deviates from yours, but ultimately you once had something together, adventures and laughter that will not go away. This film is a tribute to those children who we once were with our group of friends armed with nothing and dreaming it all. It shows a time in life when a child is not a child or an adult, in which there are so many things happening and you feel right in the middle, motionless, when not all it is quite serious, where the responsibilities and problems aren’t so hard, when you are in the prime of your youth and you’ll only be young once! I liked the closeness that the characters had, that one in which they bother each other but when one was at a vulnerable time they gave words of support. That kind of friendship, brotherhood. That we all should experience at least once in life, especially when you’re twelve.



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