Solo traveling.

It’s been a while since I travel alone and I think I should do it more. My recent trips have been with friends or family, they have been good but I think occasionally one must go alone, with no one but yourself. It is on this trips when I get to know myself better when I’m the one who decides and if I do wrong I will only wrong to me, and  same thing if it goes well. When I walk the unexplored streets and people see me passing by, and they smile or question me about what you do and where you are from, just as I do when I see them. This is when I’m more open, more awake and I do things at my will. It is when I meet more people and life is bigger and more alive. Traveling alone has its advantages, and, like everything else, has its drawbacks, but I think one can get more positives than negatives about it. I know that many people talk about how dangerous it is to travel alone as a woman, and well, I do not say that it is not, specially in this stale world that we live things that weren’t dangerous are dangerous now. If you are male or female and you are on the other side of the planet, alone, there will always be a situation in which it is better not to go, and that is when your intuition is sharpened and you learn to listen to the world and yourself. I like traveling alone, I would like to do it more, go to the sea and swim and watch the sunset. Talk to strangers, visiting cemeteries and ruins, create my own memories, write about them. Make friends, sleep when I want to and wake up with the sun to go for a walk and take pictures of the city waking up. I want to lose myself in cities and in my thoughts, with no one beside me, only the whole world.

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-14 a la(s) 17.13.51


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