Cuba, You are so beautiful.

Three months ago I went to the dream island. That one that is still living in the past but that their people enjoy watching a clock moving. Cuba was much better than I expected. A full of color, flavor and life. Whenever possible I would return to the island and my desire to do so will not leave until the seawall dry.

“Let’s fly, to meet the new, to live and see more. I need beach and I need sun. I need to move and meet charming places, places that make me take out the camera and dream. A little salt in my veins, a bit of Cuba in my eyes, a bit of everything. A little bit of heaven.

We are already landing, from the window I can see some bits of the country. Almost everything is green and the area of buildings is small. For a moment I feel like I’m going to a desolate place. A place that I’m not familiar and that is distant, not in miles but in time. Cuba is in some way going back to the past. “



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