Love is love

A couple of weenks ago there was a march that I coulnd’t undestand. It was a march for the “family” that basically says that children should have mom and dad, if it is not like that then it is wrong. I think what’s wrong is that retrograde and completely intolerant mentality. My parents took nine years to have children, I suffered a lot in that time, I know that many people go through that, and every month you do not get pregnant hurts, because when someone loves it’s natural to want to be with that person and maybe to have a family with them in the future. I think not leting someone show their love and depriving someone of being a father / mother is cruel. A child does not necessarily need a dad and a mom, what a child needs is love, plain and simple, they need to feel loved. Either by a family member (Grandma/Grandpa, uncle/aunt someone) or by two fathers or two mothers. Without love chances are you grow full of hate. Word which I believe represented this march.

I have been in orphanages, and believe me… a kid is going to be better with someone that loves them than in that place. No matter what race the parents are, or their religion, or their sexual orientation… if there is love, there is life.

I saw this video a while ago and I liked it a lot. I believe that the message should be seen and undertood by more people. And maybe the world could be a better place if we remember that:

Love has no labels.
Love has no race.
Love has no genre.
It has no religion.
Or age.
Or disability.
Love is love. Simple as that.


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