I am mexican

I wrote this on September, 15. Mexican Independence day.

I know that Mexico has a lot of issues, we have corruption everywhere and security problems, also social tensions. But, despite all, Mexico is a country that shines. I am mexican like my parents and grandparents. I am mixed-raced and my heart is color brown. I love this lands that saw me grow up. I hope that when I close my eyes, I close them right here. The mexicans that are white and with green eyes feel they are from Europe and they shout it out loud. They let Mexico behind to feel themselfes better, no, I am Mexican and when I say it I do it with pride, because there is no land more beautiful than this land I stepped daily.  The most beautiful beaches I have been are the ones from here, and the nicer people is the one that says hi to me every morning while I walk. I like the customs that take you through a whole unstoppable timeline, the dances with different rhythms and instruments, from a marimba in the heated south to a band that turn the party on. I like traditions that come from pre-Hispanic civilizations, with stories and legends that can adorn the sky with stars. I love the landscapes I see when I look out the window while I am on the road. With mountains, lakes, forests and deserts that surround these lands of mine from west to east and from north to south. I love the variety of food that I taste every time I move inside. Mexico has everything it needs to be great, and even with all the dust that they throw on it, it continues giving and giving. Because there is no more beautiful country than that one where you hear the mariachi at night with tequila in your hand.

¡Viva México!



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