Sing Street – John Carney

I went to watch Sing Street last week and I loved it. I liked that it covers many issues, from social conflicts, family issues, relationship between sibligns, music, the search of identity, growing up… and it covers all this thing in a cute and funny way. You go in, see the screen and during all that time where you are watching the movie you have laughed, cryied, you have got excited, you have danced and you lift up your sit while you hear a voice that tells you to persist in your dreams.

I think this combo can be a bit difficult to  achieve but that’s what it makes it great. I think that what I loved the most is how this characters chase something in order to be someone. Search it and make it. Without putting buts or excuses. And, yes, maybe it is not the most original story about a young boy that falls in love of a girl, but the way that it proyects it and develop is so good that it makes it a triumph. It is impossible not to watch it without falling in love completely with this movie… and also, without going out with a great mood and the music in your brain.

You can never do anything by half, do you understand that?

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