Life give me sea

I have already said it before but I will never get tire of repeating it, in life you always need water, you need the sea. There is nothing more revitalizing than swimming, feeling you floating while you see a blue sky above you being infinite. I think that someday I have to go live in a small town by the beach. A place where I hear the coming and going of the waves that invite me to enter. I do not know when but I think it will be soon because every time I go to the sea it calls me and it doesn’t let me go. In my mind I see myself there, every day smelling that pure air, feeling that cool breeze and with the sound of water joining powerfully with the sand. And the people that says that the sea is like a medicine are right. I say this because when I have been fatal, emotionally, the sea is the one that heals me by just seeing it. From some small place comes a force that brings out all the joy that my being has and it makes me happy. I feel calm and I feel as if time does not pass. I am oblivious to everything else. There is nothing more than that plate that extends to the horizon. There is only the sea and me. So every year I’ll go to some beach where I can smile and throw myself into it. It would make me swim against everything, fight and get into the waves, and so, keep on swimming.
Captura de pantalla 2017-05-18 a la(s) 22.46.16

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