About this site


Even though I am proud of my english level I am not a pro but I don’t care and here it is The Ka and Ba, my english blog.

My name is Daniela, I am mexican and I have my spanish blog El Ka y el Ba. I decided to start the english version of it and here it is. It will be the exact thing as the spanish one, I’ll translate everything from there to here.

Anyway, Ka and Ba… I didn’t know what is was that, then I read a book; Mapocho of Nona Fernández. And for my final grade I had to do an essay of it. This book talks a lot about “death”. I searched many things related to this, and one of them was the perception of it in different cultures. The one that had my attention was the Egyptian. They believed  in life after death and they looked at it as a way of liberation. They said that the spirit -and life per se- was integrated by two parts: The Ka and the Ba. So, What is the Ka and the Ba? The Egyptians thought that we all are unique, and that everybody has a Ka and a Ba. Being the last one, something like the personality or psyche, the SOUL, of the person. And the Ka is the life force of everyone, what differentiates us from the dead. When Ka is going out our body, that’s when you die.

That is why, after thinking in how my blog was going to be called, I decided to name it like that. The Ka and Ba. Because those are things we all have. It is the soul and the life. And this blog will be that to me. It will be putting -in words- a little bit of my soul and a little bit of my life. It will be my diary, my memories and my dreams.


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