About me

I am not good writing about myself. You know my name and nationality (the reason why my english is not perfect)… it is like when you are new in a classroom and you introduce yourself but you are not really saying anything about you, just the outside. Well… here, I’ll try to get the inside.

Now, I am in a part of my life where you have to stop and think in your next step. But while you are doing this you also decide not to think, you just have to do it and it frightens you, only the idea of it frightens you but at the end you do it. Why you do it? Because life is now and there is no time to think.

Ok, I have decided the best way to talk about me… I won’t. I will write a list of things I have to do before I die (that by the way, I think everybody has to have one), I re-wrote it the summer of 2012 and I think that after you read it you will know a little bit about myself. Because I believe that dreams -and actions- are the best things to know how a person is. What is a person without dreams? Nothing.

I will mark the ones that I had accomplish (with the time).


  1. Backpacking Europe.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Publish a book.
  4. Backpacking with cousins. 
  5. Run a marathon.
  6. Surf.
  7. Crowd Surf.
  8. Road trip from Baja California Sur to TJ.
  9. Donate blood.
  10. Fall in love. Fall in love again.
  11. See the Taj Mahal. 
  12. Volunteer in Africa (Uganda if possible).
  13. Kiss someone under the Eiffel tower.
  14. Go to Marrakech.
  15. Sleep in a desert.
  16. Believe in myself.
  17. Crash a wedding.
  18. Fish a big fish.
  19. Loose 10 kilos (I have just loose 5).
  20. Have money doing something I love (like writing).
  21. Read two book a month.
  22. Make a cool blog.
  23. Swimming with sharks. (I swam with whale sharks… in my mind it counts!).
  24. Go to a Safari.
  25. Work in a movie.
  26. Go to Vancouver (2014). (Fui en el 2017 pero cuenta).
  27. Pay a cool trip to my parents.
  28. Learn to play an instrument.
  29. Make a show in the street to win money.
  30. Build a house to a stranger.
  31. See a aurora borealis.
  32. Latin America trip.
  33. Make a documental film.
  34. Go to the Polar circle.
  35. Go to Antarctica.
  36. Go to a nude beach.
  37. Being in the Hot Page og 9gag (Yeah, kind of silly but worth it ^^). 
  38. Win a photography contest.
  39. Live a while in Europe.
  40. Do something I am terrified. 
  41. Get married. 
  42. Skydiving.
  43. Bungee jumping.
  44. Speak 3 languages.
  45. Learn korean on my own.
  46. Learn to sew.
  47. Learn to do the hippie sticks (juggling).
  48. Do the Camino de Santiago.

Yeah, I haven’t done much, huh? But step by step..

Now, if you have no idea after these of who am I. Then keep reading my blog!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanna says:

    He hecho la no.8 muchas veces y vale mucho la pena! :), lindo blog!

    1. danielafeb says:

      Que bien!, Gracias!! :):)

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